Sparkly Cotton Cord (4mm) 130 yards CORAL

Sparkly Cotton Cord (4mm) 130 yards CORAL


Sparkly Cotton Cord is a cotton/polyester knitted Cord of about 4mm thickness. It is perfect for quick projects such as clutch bags, handbags, plate mats, throw pillows... 


Fiber Composition: 85% Regenerated Cotton / 15% Polyester


Approximate Dimensions:
Cotton Air cord Thickness: 4mm (1/6in)
Roll Dimension (height x diameter) 13cm x 8.3 cm (5.13in x 3.25in)
Length: 120 meters (131 yards)  
Weight: 250 grams (8.8onz)


Recommended Hooks: 5 - 7 mm


The color of the Yarn can be slightly different depending on your screen settings. Pictures are referential only.


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